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    Arabian Foods
    Can Curry
    Dry Fruits
    Frozen Fish
    Frozen Snacks
    Frozen Vegetables
    Indonesian Recipe
    Lamb & Mutton
    Non Food Items
    Ready Mix
    Recipe Spices
    Retort Curries
    Rice & Daal
    Whole Spice (loose)

Mango Juice Chounsa
 Mango Juice Chounsa [Pakistan]
 (1 Ltr) 
Mango Chilli Sauce
 Mango Chilli Sauce [Pakistan]
 (350 gm) 
Basmati Rice Guard
 Basmati Rice Guard [Pakistan]
 (5 Kg.) 
Chicken stock 24pkt
 Chicken stock 24pkt  [Turkey]
 (480 gm) 
○ African Items
Iyan Pounded Yam2.27Kg.Ghana1680
Red Palm Oil (Special)1LtrGhanaStock Out
Palm Soup Base800gmGhana682
Cocoyam Fufu Flour680gmU.S.A.Stock Out
Plaintain Fufu Flour680gmU.S.A.780
Dry Fish (2.2 yen per gram)46gmGhana1012
Ola Ola Pounded Yam2.27Kg.U.S.A.1980
○ Arabian Foods
Halawa Pistaches200gmTunisia550
Hummos Tahina400gmLebanon550
Harissa Can Red Chilli380gmTunisia590
Halawa Plain200gmTunisia450
Foul Medames400gmLebanon390
Halawa Almond200gmTunisia550
Falafel200gmLebanonStock Out
○ Beef
Beef Diced Boneless1Kg.Australia1380
Beef Liver1Kg.Australia800
Beef Minced900gmAustralia1380
Beef Paya (feet)2Kg.Australia1600
Beef Tail1Kg.Australia1260
Beef Tripe1Kg.Australia800
Beef with Bone1Kg.Japan1350
○ Bread
Pita Bread5PcsFrance425
Chapati 6 inch 12PcsU.S.A.350
Chapati 10 inch (whole)12PcsJapan580
Onion Paratha5PcsPakistan399
Aloo Paratha (Potato)3PcsPakistan472
Sweet Naan (Sheer Mall)3PcsPakistan520
Naan Tandoori (Marhaba)5PcsJapan490
○ Can Curry
Chicken Karahi435gmPakistanStock Out
Potato Qeema435gmPakistanStock Out
Nihari (Hot Beef Curry)435gmPakistan480
Qorma (Beef Curry)435gmPakistan480
Sarson Ka Saag (Curried M435gmPakistan480
Beef boneless (pkt weight veriable)1Australia1380
Beef heart1Australia800
○ Chicken
Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless2Kg.Brazil1080
Chicken Nuggets500gmBrazil550
Chicken Gizzard450gmBrazilStock Out
Chicken Leg Boneless2Kg.Brazil990
Chicken Leg 2500gmBrazil1440
Chicken Liver450gmBrazil350
Chicken Minced1Kg.Brazil840
Chicken Whole1000gmBrazil380
Chicken Two Joint Wing2Kg.Brazil1100
Chicken franks (Sadia)375gmBrazil380
Hard chicken1PcsJapanStock Out
○ Dessert
Kheermix Plain180gmPakistan367
Custard Mango200gmPakistan577
Custard vanilla200gmPakistan577
Click (Biscuits)142gmPakistanStock Out
Kheermix Pistachio180gmPakistan367
Sheer Khurma Mix180gmPakistanStock Out
Vermicelli (Roasted)150gmPakistan300
Gud Revdi175gmIndiaStock Out
Gajar Halwa (Frozen)225gmPakistan550
Sooper Biscuits112gmPakistan140
Soan Papdi Orange (Pateesa)250gmPakistan390
Soan Papdi (Pateesa)250gmPakistan390
Shahi Gajak175gmIndiaStock Out
Cake Rusk150gmPakistan250
Cake Rusk350gmPakistan480
○ Dry Fruits
Almond (Small)500gmU.S.A.980
Almond (big)1Kg.U.S.A.1990
Cashunuts Whole100gmIndia300
Chuwara (Dry Dates)500gmPakistan550
Dates Piyarom400gmIranStock Out
Coconut Long50gmPhilippines150
Dates Mazafati650gmIran580
Dates Khodri400gmSaudi ArabiaStock Out
Zahedi dates500gmIran315
○ Flour
Atta (small)800gmLocal290
Atta (big)10Kg.Japan1950
Suji (Semolina)1Kg.Pakistan750
Chana Besan1Kg.Pakistan682
Rice Powder1Kg.India700
Atta Aashirvaad2Kg.India580
Chicken stock20gmTurkey70
Chicken stock 24pkt 480gmTurkey1350
○ Frozen Fish
Baila1Kg.BangladeshStock Out
Chingri900gmThailandStock Out
Magur1Kg.BangladeshStock Out
Pabda1Kg.BangladeshStock Out
Shing1Kg.BangladeshStock Out
Telapia1Kg.BangladeshStock Out
Karachi Halva275gmPakistan380
Kala Jamun850gmPakistan680
Dhaka Chumchum850gmPakistan680
Sohon Halwa275gmPakistan385
Habshi Halwa275gmPakistan385
Multani Halwa275gmPakistan385
Motichoor Laddu300gmPakistan460
Gulab Jamun400gmPakistan460
Rasmalai500gmPakistanStock Out
Assorted Sweets (Mix)425gmPakistanStock Out
Chum Chum425gmPakistanStock Out
Cake Rusk 250gmPakistan380
○ Frozen Snacks
Vegetable Spring Rolls8PcsU.A.E.490
Vegetable Burger4PcsU.A.E.400
Paratha Aloo3PcsPakistan472
Paratha Onion5PcsPakistan399
Paratha Plain5PcsPakistan399
Seekh Kabab7PcsJapanStock Out
Shami Kabab6PcsJapan520
Paneer (Warana)500gmIndia590
Cheese Spring Roll8PcsU.A.E.550
Vegetable Nugget270gmU.A.E.480
Spinach & Cheese Cutlets8PcsU.A.E.570
Cheese Samosa12PcsU.A.E.550
Vegetable Samosa12PcsU.A.E.570
Sunflower Oil Medium5LtrTurkey1150
Sunflower Oil 1LTR1LtrTurkey320
White Coconut oil (small)500mlSrilankaStock Out
○ Frozen Vegetable
Mix Vegetable1Kg.New Zealand399
Okura Bhindi500gmChina399
Spinach (Palak)1Kg.ChinaStock Out
Green Chilly200gmBangladesh367
Green Peas1Kg.New Zealand399
○ Indonesian Recipe
Nasi Goreng50gmIndonesia157
Soto Ayam50gmIndonesia157
Opor Ayam50gmIndonesia157
Sambal Goreng Ati50gmIndonesia157
Nasi Goreng Pedas50gmIndonesia157
Ginger Paste(small)310gmPakistan390
Mango Pulp Chaunsa850gmPakistan580
○ Juices
Basil Seed Juice350mlThailand157
Coconut Juice350mlThailand157
Pomegranate Juice350mlThailand157
Tamarind Juice350mlThailand157
Guava Juice350mlThailand157
Lychee Juice350mlThailand157
Mango Juice1LtrU.A.E.Stock Out
Mango Juice250mlU.A.E.Stock Out
Badam Drink180mlIndia180
Sharbat RoohAfza800mlPakistan750
Sugar Cane Drink350gmThailand157
Mango Juice Chounsa1LtrPakistan350
Jackfruit Thaiworld565gmThailand350
○ Lamb & Mutton
Sheep Brain600gmAustralia850
Sheep Liver1Kg.Australia780
Mutton Shank Sliced1Kg.Australia790
Sheep Tongue1Kg.Australia950
Mutton Paya (Feet)1Kg.Australia850
Mutton Gutka2Kg.Australia1680
M Leg Boneless(pkt weight veriable)1Kg.Australia990
Mutton Leg Sliced2Kg.Australia1690
Mutton Minced900gmAustralia1200
Mutton Mix Bakra2Kg.Australia1690
Lamb Kidney1Kg.Australia850
Lamb Tripe1Kg.Australia780
Mutton Boneless ( Diced )1Kg.Australia1150
Lamb mix bakra2Kg.Australia1980
Sheep Heart1Australia780
Goat Mix with skin1Australia1180
○ Milk
Coconut Milk400gmThailand299
Coconut Cream Powder500gmThailand680
○ Others
Dettol Liquid200mlIndia750
Digital Quran (Holy Quran)1PcsSouth KoreaStock Out
Food Color(Yellow) Rainbow100gmPakistan1000
Charlie Blue (Perfume)100mlFranceStock Out
Dettol Soap125gmPakistan525
Shaving Brush1PcsPakistanStock Out
Food Color (Yellow/Red)100gmPakistan1000
Dentonic Tooth Powder90gmPakistanStock Out
Mehendi (Hina)1PktPakistan400
Agarbatti お香12PcsPakistan294
Tamarind Paste500gmThailand472
Pulao Cubes20gmPakistanStock Out
○ Noodles
Chicken Flavour (Cup Noodle)60gmSingapore150
Vegetarian Flavour (Cup Noodle)60gmSingapore150
Mi Goreng Pedas70gmIndonesia84
Curry Flavour (Cup Noodle)60gmSingapore150
Onion Chicken Flavour70gmIndonesiaStock Out
Mi Goreng68gmIndonesia84
Special Chicken Flavour70gmIndonesia84
Tom Yam Flavour (Cup Noodle)60gmSingapore150
Chicken Curry Flavour70gmIndonesiaStock Out
Instant Noodles Beef Flavour68gmIndonesiaStock Out
Vegetable Flavour Noodles80gmIndonesiaStock Out
Mi Goreng Rendang68gmIndonesiaStock Out
○ Oil
Kolonji Oil (Black Caraway)50mlPakistan580
Olive Oil Extra Virgin1000mlTurkey750
Mustard Oil250mlPakistan400
Compound Ghee900gmMalaysia1280
Sunflower Oil Small3LtrTurkey750
Red Palm Oil900mlGhana750
Sunflower Oil1.8LtrTurkey460
Ghee900gmJapanStock Out
Isapghol Husk85gmPakistan450
Almond Oil 50mlPakistan750
Sunflower Oil 8LTR8LtrTurkey1850
○ Pastes
Tomato Paste830gmTurkey395
Ginger Paste(Big)1Kg.China650
Garlic Paste(Big)1Kg.China650
Garlic Paste (small)310gmPakistan390
Alphonso Mango Pulp850gmIndiaStock Out
White Beans in Tomato Sauce400gmTurkey350
Stuffed Vineleaves400gmTurkey450
Red Beans in Tomato Sauce400gmTurkey350
Fasuliya Beans (Boiled)800gmTurkey400
Chick Peas (Boiled)800gmTurkey400
Italian Peeled Tomatoes 2550gmItaly600
○ Pickles
Mango Pickle300gmPakistan450
Lime Pickle in Oil1Kg.Pakistan800
Mango Pickle in Oil(Big)1Kg.Pakistan800
Chilli Pickle in Oil1Kg.Pakistan800
Mix Pickle in Oil Big1Kg.Pakistan800
Mix Pickle in Oil330gmPakistan450
Chilli Pickle in Oil320gmPakistan450
Lemon Pickle in Oil330gmPakistan450
Garlic Pickle in Oil330gmPakistan472
Mango Pickle Hyderabadi300gmPakistan450
Olive Pickle850gmIran850
Mix Pickle Hyderabadi300gmPakistan450
Nayab Wheat Flour(ATTA) 【Medium】9.07Kg.Pakistan2100
Nayab【 whole wheat 】 flour ( ATTA )4.54Kg.Pakistan1100
Nayab Wheat Flour 【Fine】 Atta4.54Kg.Pakistan1100
○ Ready Mix
Instant Mix Rice Idli200gmIndia290
Dahi Vada Mix200gmIndiaStock Out
Dosai Mix200gmIndia380
Gulab Jamun Mix100gmIndia480
Idli Mix200gmIndia380
Sambar Mix200gmIndia380
Rava Idli Mix200gmIndia380
Vermicelli Mix200gmIndiaStock Out
Jilabi Mix with Maker100gmIndiaStock Out
Medu Vada mix200gmIndia380
Instant Mix Dosa (Pancan)200gmIndia380
○ Recipe Spices
Sindhi Biryani Masala75gmPakistanStock Out
Meat Tenderizer40gmPakistanStock Out
Chana Masala(Ahmed)50gmPakistan250
Quorma Spice Mix50gmPakistan262
Karahi/Fry/Balti Gost Masala50gmPakistan250
Kichen King500gmIndia790
Fruit Chat Masala50gmPakistan250
Garam Masala powder 220gmPakistanStock Out
Fenugreek Leaves40gmPakistan280
Anar Dana (Pomegranate Seed)100gmPakistan300
Pudina Chutney Powder50gmPakistan262
Chicken Jalfarezi Masala50gmPakistan250
Nihari Masala Powder50gmPakistan250
Fish Masala Powder50gmPakistan262
Biryani Masala Powder75gmPakistan280
Qourma Masala50gmPakistan250
Tandoori BBQ Masala50gmPakistanStock Out
Achargosht Masala50gmPakistan250
Paya Masala Powder50gmPakistan262
Tikka Kabab Masala50gmPakistan262
Chicken Masala50gmPakistan250
Qeema Masala50gmPakistan262
Yakhni Pilao Masala50gmPakistan262
Black Pepper Powder(Ahmed)100gmPakistan315
Tandoori Masala100gmIndia350
Fenugreek Leaves(Kasuri Methi)500gmIndia850
Haleem Mix400gmPakistan600
Chana Masala500gmIndia790
○ Retort Curries
Pav Bhaji300gmIndia315
Alu Methi300gmIndiaStock Out
Kadhi Pakora300gmIndia315
Rajma Masala300gmIndia315
Paneer Tikka Masala300gmIndia367
Alu Mutter (Potato & Green p)300gmIndiaStock Out
Bhindi Masala (Okura in Spice)300gmIndia320
Dal Fry (Yellow Beans Curry)300gmIndiaStock Out
Navtran Kurma (Mixvaga Kurma)300gmIndia315
Paneer Makhani (Cheese in Butt)300gmIndiaStock Out
Peas & Mushroom Curry300gmIndiaStock Out
Mix Vegetable Curry300gmIndia315
Palak Paneer300gmIndia367
Canario Beans1Kg.U.S.A.580
Pinto Beans1Kg.U.S.A.580
Basmati Rice Guard (1kg pack)1Kg.Pakistan600
Sella Rice5Kg.Pakistan2750
○ Rice & Daal
Dal Chana1Kg.Australia290
Black Chana1Kg.Australia390
White Chana (Kabuli)1Kg.U.S.A.399
Dal Masoor Red Lentils1Kg.U.S.A.390
Masoor Whole Brown Lentils1Kg.U.S.A.Stock Out
Dal Masoor1Kg.U.A.E.390
Masoor Whole1Kg.U.A.E.399
Dal Moong1Kg.U.A.E.450
Dal Moong Chilka wali1Kg.U.A.E.390
Moong Whole1Kg.U.A.E.390
Dal Mash1Kg.U.A.E.450
Dal Mash Chilka wali1Kg.U.A.E.450
Mash Whole1Kg.U.A.E.390
Black Eye beans1Kg.U.S.A.490
Red Kidney Lobia(miyanmar)1Kg.U.S.A.499
Toor Dal (Harhar)1Kg.Thailand499
Basmati Rice Guard5Kg.Pakistan2100
Basmati Rice Naz5Kg.Pakistan2100
White Peas Dry1Kg.U.A.E.490
Whole wheat Chappati450gmPakistanStock Out
Lachha Paratha400gmPakistan380
○ Sauces
Fish Sauce700mlThailand367
Hot Chilli Sauce680mlThailand472
Kecup Manis Sauce620mlIndonesia580
Mango Chilli Sauce350gmPakistan380
Sambal Asli340mlIndonesia480
Green Coriander Sauce300gmPakistan380
Green Chilli Sauce330gmPakistan380
Tamarind Imli Sauce330gmPakistan380
Chilli Garlic Sauce330gmPakistan380
Soy Sauce1000mlJapan650
Soy Sauce1LtrJapanStock Out
Tomato ketchup 400gmTurkeyStock Out
○ Snacks
Aloo Bhujia160gmIndia315
Dal Moong200gmPakistan315
Khat Mitha Mix200gmPakistan315
Nimco Mix200gmPakistan315
Badshahi Mix200gmPakistan315
Khatta Meetha 160gmIndia315
Moong Dal160gmIndia315
All in One200mlPakistan315
Papad (Papadum)200gmIndia450
Green Reas Stick125gmMalaysiaStock Out
○ Spices
Chilli Powder200gmPakistan350
Turmeric Powder 400gms400gmPakistan480
Chilli Powder 400gms400gmPakistan550
Coriander Powder200gmPakistan350
Coriander Powder 400gms400gmPakistan480
Cumin Seed Powder200gmPakistan350
Cumin Seed Powder 400gms400gmPakistan480
Curry Powder200gmPakistan450
Curry Powder220gmPakistan470
Curry Powder 400gm400gmPakistan680
Fried Onion400gmPakistan525
Garam Masala Powder (small)110gmPakistan320
Turmeric Powder200gmPakistanStock Out
Chunky Chat masala500gmIndia790
Garam Masala500gmIndia850
Garam Masala (small)100gmIndia350
○ Sweets
○ Tea
Green Tea Selection Pack45gmPakistanStock Out
Green Tea Moroccan Mint45gmPakistan250
Green Tea Cardamon45gmPakistan250
Green Tea Lemon45gmPakistan250
Extra Strong Teabags250gmPakistan390
Danedar Black Tea (loose in bottle)1Kg.Pakistan1200
Danedar Black Tea (loose in plastic450gmPakistan650
Danedar Black Tea-bag200gmPakistan380
○ Whole Spices (loose)
Cumin Seed Whole200gmPakistan350
Jaiful (Nutmeg)50gmIndia350
Javatri (Mace)50gmIndia300
Coriander Whole290gmPakistan300
Bay Leaves20gmPakistan200
Mustard Seed100gmIndia250
Methi/ Fenugreek Seed100gmIndia250
Chilli Corsed100gmPakistan300
Podina Dry100gmIndiaStock Out
Cardamon Green20gmIndia250
Big Cardaman50gmIndia350
Chilli Whole100gmIndia300
Poppy Seed100gmIndia300
Black Pepper Whole100gmIndia300
Curry Leaves20gmIndia250
Cinnamon Sticks100gmIndia300
Black Pepper Powder (Arabiki)100gmIndia250
Jaiful (Nutmeg) Powder50gmIndia350
Javatri (Mace) Powder50gmIndia350
Green Cardamon Powder50gmIndia300
Kasoor Methi500gmIndia800
Chana Masala (curry)300gmIndiaStock Out
Chicken Haleem 300gmPakistan450
Chicken Nehari 275gmPakistan450
Chicken Aaloo Qeema200gmPakistan450
Chicken Handi200gmPakistan450
Chicken Karahi 250gmPakistan450
Chicken Shami Kebab (6 pcs)186gmPakistan342
Chicken Biryani275gmPakistanStock Out
Mutton Qorma 200gmPakistanStock Out
Mutton Dal Gosht 200gmPakistan383
Karahi Gosht ( Beef ) 200gmPakistan450
Sarsoon Ka Saag275gmPakistan293
Daal Maash (ready to eat curry ) ex275gmPakistan325
Daal Fry (ready to eat Curry) 275gmPakistan325
Lahori Choley275gmPakistan325
Chicken Reshmi Kofta200gmPakistan450
Beef Kareley Qeema200gmPakistanStock Out
Chicken Haleem 300gmPakistan450
Chicken Nehari 275gmPakistan450
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Chicken Shami Kebab (6 pcs)
Chicken Shami Kebab (6 pcs)
186 gm (Pakistan)
 円 Qnty: 
Zahedi dates
Zahedi dates
500 gm (Iran)
 円 Qnty: 
Sarsoon Ka Saag
Sarsoon Ka Saag
275 gm (Pakistan)
 円 Qnty: 
Cake Rusk
Cake Rusk
150 gm (Pakistan)
 円 Qnty: 
Dates Mazafati
Dates Mazafati
650 gm (Iran)
 円 Qnty: 

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