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Name:Al-Flah Trading Co.
Location:Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
Board of directors:Ghalib Hussain,
Mohammad Akmal
Company type:Trading Company
Years in business:32 Years (established in 1987)
No. of employees:10-15
Annual Sales:465 Million Yen (FY 2018)
Company Account with:Mitsubishi UFJ Bank,
Japan Post Bank,
Sugamo Shiyou Bank
Products we distribute:Mutton & Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Rice & Daal, Bread, Can Curry, Dessert, Dry Fruits, Flour, Frozen Snacks, Frozen Fish, Juice, Noodles, Oil, Ready Mix, Recipe Spices, Pickles, Sweets, Sauces, Snacks, Tea, Whole Spices etc.
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Dal Chana
Dal Chana
1 Kg. (Australia)
 円 Qnty: 
Green Coriander Sauce
Green Coriander Sauce
300 gm (Pakistan)
 円 Qnty: 
Mango Chilli Sauce
Mango Chilli Sauce
350 gm (Pakistan)
 円 Qnty: 

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